LivingDNA gets real

Roughly six weeks ago, I sent in my LivingDNA test. Within a few weeks I received some ethnicity results, which I intend to compare to what other companies have provided. (I just haven’t sat down down to do it yet.)

But today I got a curious email from the company telling me “Your DNA adventure just got real.” Now THAT’s an attention-getter! So of course I had to log in to check it out.

LivingDNA calls its matching feature Family Networks. To my surprise, I have a match! I’m now being included in the cousin-matching beta feature!

screen shot 2019-01-29 at 5.49.35 pm copy

Clicking “View Profile” shows me what features the company will offer in the future, such as a chromosome viewer, messaging and a map of my match’s ethnicity breakdown.

screen shot 2019-01-29 at 5.52.25 pm copy

Fortunately, this predicted 5th cousin is someone I know and have worked with based on DNA results at other sites, so I don’t have to agonize over not being able to reach out to her yet. In fact, as soon as I saw it I sent her a Facebook message to tell her the match showed up!

But I certainly look forward to the day when I have a lengthy new match list full of promise and I can explore those connections with LivingDNA’s tools!

Remember, this site accepts transfers of raw DNA data. If you’ve already tested elsewhere, take a look and consider whether you might want to upload yours—particularly if you have ancestry from the United Kingdom. It would help build up this company’s DNA database and might make a difference for one of your genetic cousins!

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