Say their names

Emma, a woman, 50.

Nicholas, a man, 25.

Collin, a man, 20.

Erexine, a woman, 23.

Louisa, a woman, 18.

Martha, a woman, 16.

Burnell, a boy child, 3.

Caroline, a woman, 28.

Jack, a boy, 12.

Benjamin, a boy, 10.

Armstead, a boy, 4.

Mary, a woman, 45.

Harvey, a man, 20.

Adam, a youth, 18.

Eli, a boy, 16.

Chloe, a girl, 12.

Norah, a woman, 19.

Hester, a child, 3.

Amanda, a woman, 25.

Quibe, a boy, 3.

Major, a man, 30.

Jane, a woman, 30.

Nancy, a girl, 12.

These American women, men, and children enslaved in Fort Bend County, Texas, were among those who gained their freedom 156 years ago today when U.S. Maj. Gen. Gordon Granger issued General Order No. 3 in Galveston informing Texas slaves of their emancipation.

I honor them on today’s first official commemoration of Juneteenth as a federal holiday.

More to come.

#juneteenth #emancipated #africanamericangenealogy

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